Worldwide Coverage

We are able to provide personnel worldwide with Consultants currently based in the UK, Ukraine and South America.  Two of our Consultants are Americans (ex-Fed Ex) based in Europe and are free and able to work in the USA, as well as other worldwide locations. A J PEARMAN Aviation Services Ltd can also utilise consultants based in Turkey, Cyprus and India.

We also have Consultants who specialise in projects which can be / are required to be worked remotely.

Andy Pearman

Managing Director – Airworthiness Consultant

Prior to starting A J PEARMAN Aviation Services, Andy spent five years at Avtrac UK (Aviation Consultants). He was recruited to take advantage of his understanding of Airworthiness regulatory authority requirements, Airworthiness control systems and knowledge of Lease contract requirements.

During this period in his career he met and worked with many lessors, and quickly established his working credentials as a force for accuracy and detail, to the point that several clients, including operators, would ask specifically for his services.

Andy’s five years at a consultancy company, further supplemented his 30 years experience gathered at British Airways, both at London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

During Andy’s six years at British Airways LGW, he was a key member of the team responsible for the introduction of the B737-300 and -500 LGW fleet and the sale and redelivery of the B737-200 and -400 fleet, Tristar and DC10 fleets. He gained valuable experience dealing with aircraft leasing companies.

Sharon Pearman

Director – Business Administration Manager

Sharon is originally from British Columbia, Canada and has served as the A J PEARMAN Aviation Services Business Administration Manager since September 2009.

Sharon was previously a Senior Administrative Assistant (PA) – Executive Office Columbia Power Corporation, Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada.

Prior to returning to Canada in 2002, she was a Personal Assistant to the Marketing Director, Customer Service Director and Head of Media at Virgin Atlantic Airways Head Office (Crawley).

Previously Sharon had worked in the UK for the Finance Director of Duracell (Europe) as a Personal Assistant.


A J PEARMAN Aviation Services consultants are chosen based on their experience, knowledge, work ethic, and personality. We consider our consultants to be amongst the best in the business – always working for the benefit of our client. They are astute and articulate, always presenting your business and ours in the best light at all times. Their performance and commitment is constantly reviewed to assure the A J PEARMAN Aviation Services quality and ethics are of the highest standard. Our consultants are based throughout the world for faster and more efficient client response.

We recognise that our greatest asset is our team of consultants, and we are very proud of them.

John Holmes

Associate Managing Consultant

John is a highly experienced, self-motivated, airline engineering manager with business awareness, safety / delivery focus and detailed understanding of regulatory requirements.

He has expertise in Engineering Quality, Continued Airworthiness Compliance, Production Management, Planning, Human Resources, Managing Change and Staff Development.

Prior to becoming an Aviation Consultant in February 2010, John had served at British Airways since 1972, where he had been a Senior Manager for many years.

John represented BA at all levels up to and including local and national governmental level.

He is a team player who understands and delivers the commitment and flexibility required to meet goals.

Don Reaves

Associate Managing Consultant

Don is an aviation professional with more than 46 years experience.

In the US Air Force, he served in England for six and a half years at RAF Alconbury as a crew chief on the RF4c Phantom.

Following his time in the Air Force, Don fulfilled his long time desire to fly, by qualifying as a flight engineer on DC6, L88 and L382 Hercules.

Don has worked for Texas International Airlines, Southern Air Transport and Federal Express.

Don joined FedEx as a project planner in 1981 and was part of the team that implemented the first FedEx aircraft maintenance programme.

Later, Don was a line and hangar mechanic for FedEx on the B727, DC10, MD11 and Airbus A300-600 fleets. He was promoted to line maintenance support specialist, and eventually to maintenance manager in 1991.

Don moved into the FedEx aircraft acquisition department in 1995 as a field rep and project manager. He then spent six years as a records auditor. During this period he was involved with many aircraft take on’s and conversions from passenger to freighter configuration, including complete certification processes involving close coordination with FAA officials.

Since 2004, Don has been an Aviation Consultant and has worked many aircraft take-on, hand-back, mid-term audits and airworthiness audit projects, many as an Associate Consultant with A J PEARMAN Aviation Services.

Don resides with his wife Alina and son Daniel and daughter Luba in Kharkov, Ukraine since 2007.

Iain Grindley

Associate Aviation Consultant

Iain is a highly experienced, self-motivated, airline engineering professional with over forty years experience. He commenced his aviation career in 1971 with an aircraft engineering apprenticeship with British Caledonian Airways.

His career has progressed through Supervising Aircraft Engineer to Deputy Base Engineer / Liaison Engineer / Engineering Manager I Engineering Quality Manager / Aviation Consultant.

He has substantial experience of all aspects of aircraft maintenance and operations across a range of varied types from Jetstream to B747.

Iain has been responsible for the technical aspects of start up phases, and initial operations of a total of seven new airlines. Including planning, acceptance and introduction of various aircraft types onto the UK register.

Peter Callis

Associate Aviation Consultant

Peter is a self-motived, highly experienced aviation professional who’s expertise covers aircraft maintenance inspection and supervision, maintenance planning, technical records management, aircraft systems and reliability. More recently, as an Aviation Consultant, Peter has been involved in aircraft deliveries and re-deliveries on behalf of airlines and lessors.

He commenced his aviation career in 1971 with the Royal Air Force as a Airframe Technician.

Peter had a full and diverse career with the RAF, during which several supervisory and junior management positions were held; the most recent involving the scheduled maintenance and complex rectification of Tornado aircraft on a front-line squadron where good diagnostic and management skills were essential. He was awarded the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal in 1986.

Following his career with the RAF, Peter worked on military aircraft with DERA and FR Aviation for ten years.

He joined Channel Express as Senior Maintenance Planning Engineer in 2002, before joining DHL in Bahrain where he had various roles between 2006 and 2014 when he returned to the UK and commenced a career as an Aviation Consultant.

Maria Del Carmen

Associate Aviation Consultant

Maria is an Aviation Consultant based in Ecuador and provides us with excellent coverage in South America.

She was a Maintenance Department Manager with LAN Ecuador from 2011 until 2015, covering Airbus A318, A320 & B767’s. Maria was responsible for the supervision of sixty maintenance / technical personnel.

Prior to joining LAN Ecuador in 2009, Maria worked for TAME as an Engineering Manager. Whilst at TAME she was responsible for the phase in – phase out of Airbus A320 and Embraer ERJ-170 / 190 aircraft.

Maria has been an Aviation Consultant since 2015. She is able to utilise her engineering, technical and people management experience, interpersonal skills and aircraft delivery / re-delivery expertise.

She is fluent in Spanish and English.

When additional resources are required in South America, Maria has colleagues based in Ecuador and Brazil that we can utilise.  

Jeff Brandon

Associate Aviation Consultant

Jeff is an Aircraft Operations professional with more than 30 years experience in performing technical support operations for commercial transport aircraft in a rapidly changing environment.

He is recognized for executing project management rigor and in resolving project issues.

Jeff worked with FedEx Express Air Operations from 1986 to 2017, starting out as a senior aircraft mechanic (avionics) in Memphis, TN, working on B727, B747, DC-10, MD-11, A300 and A310 aircraft.

In 1998, Jeff became a senior maintenance programmes specialist and planner for FedEx Express Air Operations in Memphis, TN.

Jeff moved to Italy in 2002 where he was a Project Management Specialist overseeing DC-10 and MD-11 freighter conversions for FedEx.

Jeff worked as a Project Management Specialist in the UK, Hungary and Ireland from 2011. In these locations he was an on-site maintenance rep administrating and managing A300 and B757 B and C Maintenance Checks on behalf of FedEx.

Since 2017, Jeff has been an Aviation Consultant and has worked many aircraft take-on, hand-back and mid-term audits as an Associate Consultant with A J PEARMAN Aviation Services.

Rosa Williamson

Associate Aviation Consultant

Rosa is a conscientious and professional individual with extensive knowledge and experience within the aviation industry.

She joined Monarch Airlines in 1980 where she worked for many years in Technical Records.

Rosa worked for Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd as a Senior Co-ordinator Technical Records / Aircraft Leasing from October 2012 to 2018. Working for MAEL, she gained a deep knowledge of aircraft delivery / re-delivery processes, dealing with Aviation Authority surveyors, lessors, third party customers and Monarch Airlines staff at all levels.

She is greatly valued for her knowledge and experience of maintenance control systems, in particular AMOS. Rosa has assisted airlines in setting up / migrating to AMOS since becoming an Aviation Consultant in April 2018.    

The A J PEARMAN Aviation Services ‘Team Profile’ and a current ‘Full Consultant Team Availability List’ is available upon request – please contact us.