Airworthiness Audits, Compliance Reviews and Airworthiness Management

A J PEARMAN Aviation Services have a team of experts who are experienced in carrying out fleet wide Airworthiness audits and compliance reviews on behalf of operators and aircraft owners.

We work closely with several UK based EASA approved, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO).

A J PEARMAN Aviation Services work closely with companies and consultants with in-depth FAA expertise.

Aircraft Deliveries / Re-deliveries

Whether you are an owner/lessor, the returning operator, or the new operator, our extensive experience on all sides of aircraft deliveries will ensure that your interests are best protected throughout the delivery process.

 Furthermore, we have the expertise to co-ordinate the preparation of the pre-delivery work scope, provide continuous support during the delivery check and monitor the contractual obligations of the maintenance provider throughout.

Technical Inspections / Maintenance Representation

Aircraft technical evaluations performed on-site for determination of compliance with regulatory, operator/owner and lease requirements.

Whether it be on behalf of an airline or lessor, Maintenance representation throughout a maintenance input can control costs, protect your investment and help to ensure that aircraft are delivered on time and in the condition required.

A J PEARMAN Aviation Services believe good maintenance representation is particularly important at the time of an aircraft delivery, where the interests of each party, including the maintenance organisation, can vary considerably.

Asset Management, Mid Term Audits and Technical Monitoring

We understand that, as an owner/lessor, your aircraft is a valuable asset that requires careful and effective management throughout its lease period.

A J PEARMAN Aviation Services can help you look after your asset with a carefully structured programme of technical monitoring with regular surveys and reports on the condition of the aircraft and status of its maintenance and associated records. Each survey will result in a detailed report and, where necessary, provide for follow up action with the operator.


A J PEARMAN Aviation Services strive to deliver the highest standards of reliability, quality, integrity and on-time service delivery.